Amazon Music raises subscription prices too

Amazon’s music streaming platform has decided to increase the price of each of its offers by a few euros. This move is in line with the competition, which has made a series of price changes in recent weeks.

It was one of the last services not to enter the waltz of price increases, but those days are now over. Amazon Music has increased the prices of its various offerings, with the aim, according to the platform, of “bringing more content and features.”

From now on, subscriptions to Amazon Music Unlimited, which offers unlimited access to 100 million tracks, HD listening and spatial audio, will be priced at 10.99 euros per month, up from 9.99 euros previously.

Increases of 1 to 3 euros
This symbolic one-euro increase also applies to the rest of the range, such as Amazon Music included with Prime, which is nevertheless reduced compared to the classic offer, but still rises from 8.99 to 9.99 euros. The price of the Unlimited Family subscription has risen even further, from 14.99 to 17.99 euros.

Only one offer is spared these price increases: the Echo/Fire TV subscription, which lets you listen to your favorite music only on an Echo or Fire TV device, i.e. a connected speaker or TV. The offer remains at 4.99 euros per month.

As of August 15, these price increases will apply to new subscribers. Existing subscribers will only see their monthly or annual subscriptions increased from September 19, and on the date of their package renewal.

Follow the trend
In any case, Amazon Music is simply following the rest of the market, with companies announcing price increases one after the other. Apple kicked off the movement last October with a one-euro increase in the price of Apple Music subscriptions. Spotify followed in July, raising its prices in France for the first time, and more recently YouTube Music.

French streaming service Deezer, for its part, is still waiting to see whether the government will propose a tax on future streaming. The platform’s deputy director St├ęphane Rougeot had indicated that, should it be implemented, Deezer would have “no choice” but to increase its subscription prices.

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