Edinburgh Wine Bar Guide

Wine aficionados will find Edinburgh a haven for unique, carefully curated selections. From quaint, intimate spots to bustling wine hubs, here’s a list of some of the best wine bars the city has to offer:

  1. Ecco VinoWine bar Edinburgh
    • Location: 19 Cockburn St, Edinburgh EH1 1BP
    • Highlights: Offers a relaxed environment with seafood and charcuterie boards to complement your wine.
  2. Good Brothers Wine Bar
    • Location: Stockbridge
    • Highlights: Known for its natural wines and regularly rotating list.
  3. Divino Enoteca
    • Location: Old Town
    • Highlights: An Italian wine bar with a vast selection and an ambiance that’s perfect for a romantic evening.
  4. Le Di-Vin
    • Location: West End
    • Highlights: Offers a French vibe and has one of the largest wine lists in the city, accompanied by delicious cheese platters.
  5. The Outsider
    • Location: Old Town
    • Highlights: While primarily a restaurant, their wine selection is impeccable, sourced from boutique wineries.
  6. Cork & Cask
    • Location: Marchmont
    • Highlights: A cosy, independent wine and craft beer bar with a friendly, local atmosphere.
  7. Pickles
    • Location: Broughton Street
    • Highlights: A basement bar known for its pairing of wines with pickles and cheeses.
  8. Sylvester
    • Location: New Town
    • Highlights: A modern spot with a fantastic selection of wines, complemented by a menu of small bites and tapas.
  9. The Bon Vivant
    • Location: Thistle Street
    • Highlights: An award-winning spot that offers an extensive wine list alongside mouth-watering European dishes.
  10. Bar à Vin
  • Location: Queen Street
  • Highlights: Styled as a traditional French wine bar, it provides a genuine Gallic experience with a vast range of wines and champagnes.


  1. Book in Advance: Some of these wine bars, especially the smaller ones, can get quite busy, especially on weekends. It’s wise to book in advance if possible.
  2. Local Recommendations: Always ask the staff for their recommendations. They often have a deep understanding of their wines and can guide you to try something different.
  3. Tastings and Events: Keep an eye out for wine tasting events or themed evenings where you can learn more and sample a wider variety.
  4. Pairing: While wine is the star, many of these bars offer delectable food pairings. Experiment with different combinations to enhance your experience.

Edinburgh’s wine scene is vibrant and growing. Whether you’re a novice looking to expand your palate or a connoisseur seeking out the rarest vintages, the city’s wine bars provide ample opportunity to indulge in the world of wines. Cheers!

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